23 2 / 2011

Ayudame!  We have a happy retirement lunch at work on Friday for the sweetest lady ever, and I promised to bring cupcakes.  I haven’t baked in a while, so I’m going overboard with ideas.  Most of these recipes yield a dozen, so which ones should I make?

-Apple Struessel Cupcakes?

-Honey/Walnut Cupcakes? (Based of this yummy Greek dessert called melomakarona)

-Pineapple/Citrus Cupcakes?

-Vanilla Cupcakes? (Believe it or not, I’ve never made a vanilla cupcake of vanilla frosting)

-Red Velvet Cake Balls? (The ever-present staple)

  1. thaswhatshesaid said: when you say ayudame, i think of dora. and i vote honey/walnut.
  2. idonthaveamuffin answered: apple streusel. mmm.
  3. viridianseas answered: VANILLA BALLZ
  4. kirstenjaskela answered: Honey Walnut. Sounds retire-y :)
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